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Annexus: Your Innovative Annuities & Insurance Solutions Platform with Ron Shurts (Ep. 20)

Advisors, it’s no secret that the annuity industry has substantially grown this year. 

So what better month to discuss annuities than June, which is Annuity Awareness Month? 

In this episode, Jeremy Houser is joined by Ron Shurts, entrepreneur and co-founder of Annexus. Ron talks about his path into the financial industry while detailing how Annexus has expanded within the annuities and insurance field. This expansion has allowed the firm to be named the “Annuity Innovator of the Year” for three years in a row.

Ron discusses: 

  • His beginnings in the financial services arena and the challenges he faced during the process
  • How Annexus provides annuities and insurance solutions to advisors and their clients
  • The secret sauce that makes the company set the standard for the industry
  • Changes and projections for the Fixed Index Annuity (FIA) space
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Ron Shurts is an entrepreneur and the co-Founder of Annexus, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based company dedicated to designing and marketing innovative products that help people grow and protect their retirement savings. With his partner Don Dady, they’ve built a reputation for developing new business strategies and forging partnerships with industry thought leaders, leading insurance carriers Nationwide, Athene, and Securian, as well as some of the world’s largest investment banks, including J.P. Morgan, UBS, Zebra Capital Management, Barclays, Merrill Lynch, etc.


Simplicity Life — Life Insurance Made Simple & Easy with Nathan Jacobson (Ep.19)

Often, misinformation leads to a missed opportunity for high returns. Thankfully, we have the knowledge you need to help your clients make an informed decision on their life insurance.

This week, the Executive Vice President at Simplicity Life, Nathan Jacobson, joins Jeremy Houser to explain how independent financial professionals can use the tools and resources Simplicity Life provides their advisors with best-in-class life insurance solutions. Whether it be protecting loved ones from an untimely death or as a tax diversification tool, Nathan highlights the array of benefits around life insurance. 

Plus, he unpacks some valuable wisdom words for financial advisors, like the importance of investing in your business and continuous education.

Jeremy and Nathan discuss: 

  • Ways Simplicity Life is now the largest independently-owned life brokerage in the country
  • The firm’s educational approach in offering their agents the highest level of knowledge to pass on to their clients
  • The power of life insurance as a financial vehicle
  • Ways advisors and prospects can benefit from Simplicity Life’s tax-free retirement platform 
  • Advice for financial advisors: The value of education and maintaining a digital presence
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

As the Executive Vice President of Simplicity Life, Nathan Jacobson takes his accomplished 18 years in the life insurance industry to the largest financial marketing organization, Simplicity Life. Nathan’s extensive knowledge in insurance distribution and sales management is poised to help him build new strategic alliances and industry best sales platform and proprietary insurance products for use across all of Simplicity Life.



Systems Work, People Fail – A Deep Dive For Action (Ep. 13)

Success does not happen overnight, but having the systems, processes, confidence and drive can get you to your goal more quickly.

In this episode, Jeremy Houser discusses the true meaning of “Systems Work, People Fail” to highlight the true importance of using systems and processes to assist your driven mentality as an advisor. Learn about The Advisor Mentorship Program’s massive impact on advisors across the country and how you can take action in this acceleration.

Jeremy discusses: 

  • What “Systems Work, People Fail” truly means
  • The three key components of an advisor that excel at InsurMark
  • How Jeremy’s Advisor Mentorship Program leads advisors to efficiency and efficacy
  • Important steps of analysis to ensure systems and processes are being optimized
  • And more

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11. Making the InsurMark Switch with Michael Ginsberg

There is a big difference between treating your financial process as a sales pitch and treating the process as a financial tool with asset classes. 

Making that change and approaching your practice with ethical and moral insurance practices will shine through your work and allow you to build client trust.

In this episode, Jeremy Houser is joined by Michael Ginsberg, CFP®, to discuss Michael’s impressive career journey starting as an attorney to becoming an established CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Michael discusses how InsurMark has changed his approach to operations and how the team has allowed him to focus more on what he loves—supporting his clients.

Jeremy and Michael discuss: 

  • Making the shift to become an independent business and what insurance products he uses to combat volatility 
  • The importance of protecting his  clients and with ethical and moral insurance practices
  • How InsurMark has changed his business model and asset allocation 
  • What to focus on as an advisor in the digital age to support your clients
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

As a Certified Financial Planner™ professional and a former Real Estate and Estate Planning Attorney, with over 25 years of personal business and investment experience, Michael has the book knowledge and the real-life experiences to benefit his clients. 

With a specialization in Retirement Income Planning and Michael’s proven 5-Step Process, he creates personalized plans which give his clients the best opportunity to achieve their envisioned retirements. 

Michael’s success is based on his long history of client service, a sound investment strategy that focuses on managing portfolio volatility, and innovative products and services.