Adding Grit to Your Mindset with Austin Hatch (Ep. 16)

Adding Grit to Your Mindset with Austin Hatch (Ep. 16)

When faced with adversity, It is up to you to choose a mindset that will drive you towards success. When you establish a greater purpose, your grit will shine through.

In this episode, Jeremy Houser is joined by Austin Hatch, motivational speaker, to share his remarkable story of surviving two plane crashes and learn how to apply his G.R.I.T. mentality to overcome individual and team adversities. 

Austin Hatch discusses: 

  • The power of commitment and how it changes his life
  • What G.R.I.T. means and how to apply the mentality
  • The importance  of establishing a greater purpose and setting standards 
  • How the G.R.I.T. mentality can better prepare you as a financial professional
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

In the first 27 years of Austin’s life, he survived two separate plane crashes, which led to the tremendous loss of his immediate family, and a severe list of injuries that nearly took his own life. Coming out of a 2-month long coma after the second plane crash, he had to relearn basic life skills such as walking and talking. The adversity he faced was extremely challenging, but Austin made the decision that he was going to find a way to overcome it and fulfill his dream of playing basketball for the University of Michigan.

Instead of choosing to dwell on my circumstances, Austin has decided to share his life experiences with others, providing a variety of organizations with a message about thriving in the midst of adversity, grit and hope. Austin is now a full-time motivational speaker, and considers himself blessed to be able to add value to a variety of organizations across the country.

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