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Taking The Trip: Here’s What To Look Forward To at InsurMark (Ep. 41)

Taking The Trip: Here’s What To Look Forward To at InsurMark (Ep. 41)

As the summer is right around the corner and the shorts come out to play, it is the perfect time to prep the grill and get ready for everything summer.  

In this episode, Jeremy Houser unveils his plans for the summer. Other than spending quality time with family and flipping those burger buns, Jeremy reveals what’s to come for InsurMark during this sunny season. 

From education and coaching to InsurMark’s 40th-anniversary celebration and even client appreciation events, listen in and discover ways the firm continues to implement new and improved mentoring, coaching, and marketing strategies for advisors.

Jeremy discusses: 

  • What you should know about the firm’s live event in Houston designed to promote marketing, find new prospects, and enhance your overall business practices 
  • InsurMark’s inaugural ‘Taking The Trip’ event
  • Strategies to elevate your client interactions with a more personalized (and human) touch
  • Authentic partnership: How to be more relatable with your clients and prospects 
  • Some of the best practices InsurMark advisors are implementing within their businesses
  • And more!


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