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The Entrepreneur Blueprint with Mike Milligan (Ep. 64)

The Entrepreneur Blueprint with Mike Milligan (Ep. 64)

Adopting innovative ideas and a fresh approach is a great way to transform your financial advisory career. Lets dive into an industry leading Entrepreneurs mindset!

Join Jeremy Houser as he talks with Mike Milligan, the visionary entrepreneur and Certified Financial Planner® behind Ideas by Mike. Together, they touch on the ever-evolving landscape of the financial services industry, sharing insights on thriving in a post-COVID world, leveraging technology for growth, and the importance of adapting to meet clients’ changing needs. Follow along to elevate your practice and create impactful, lasting change within the industry.

Jeremy and Mike discuss: 

  • The transition to offering virtual financial services and the advantages of reaching clients nationwide
  • Strategies for effective entrepreneurship and business growth in the financial sector
  • Embracing financial technology in the virtual world
  • The struggles and perseverance of business owners from being overworked and under-resourced to overcome issues
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the industry and how it has reshaped advisor-client interactions
  • The importance of assembling the right team to foster innovation and improve service
  • And more



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About Our Guest:

Mike Milligan is the CEO of Ideas By Mike. With over 24 years of experience in guiding individuals through the complexities of finance and life, Mike is well-versed in offering support as an advisor, confidant, and mentor. He acknowledges the universal need for assistance and credits his own journey of personal growth and professional success to the invaluable guidance he has received.

Having transformed physical fitness and business acumen, Mike recognizes the power of mentorship and cognitive control in shaping one’s life choices. A lifelong learner, he channels his honed expertise to aid others, drawing from his qualifications in life and health insurance, as well as his CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™) and Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) designations.

Mike’s career trajectory spans stints at major financial institutions and boutique investment firms, culminating in the establishment of his own firm nearly a decade ago. His professional ethos centers on being the trusted advisor who prioritizes the best interests of every client. On a personal level, Mike aspires to excel as a devoted father to his three children—Zach, Grace, and Paige—and a supportive husband to his wife, Leigh Ana. The Milligan household is further enriched by the presence of their cherished canine companions, Lady Goos and Lady Luna.

The Value of Processes & Systems To Grow Your Business Virtually with Erich Castillo (Ep. 26)

The Value of Processes & Systems To Grow Your Business Virtually with Erich Castillo (Ep. 26)

Effective management and having systems in place are some of the aspects that Jeremy Houser and his advisors value the most in their business setting. 

However, going 100% virtual when it comes to marketing is not for everyone.

In this episode, Jeremy Houser is joined by financial advisor and founder of Cornerstone Wealth Management, Erich Castillo, to unveil this year’s wins and losses when it comes to business innovation, consistency, and client connection. Erich and Jeremy also shed light on the benefits of incorporating business-oriented online and digital tools.

Erich discusses: 

  • The importance of keeping a consistent message across your business 
  • Some business challenges he has faced this year 
  • Stories and processes that are helping him this year convert prospects
  • How going virtual has allowed his business to scale and become more efficient 
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Erich Castillo is the founder of Cornerstone Wealth Management. Originally from San Francisco, he has traveled and lived all around the world, eventually landing in Lexington, Kentucky, while earning a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Education at the University of Kentucky. Erich had the opportunity to work as an athletic trainer for the football, basketball, soccer, women’s gymnastics, and men’s tennis teams. 

Erich began his professional career in 1997 at American Express Financial Advisors, achieving numerous accolades and awards, which inspired him to found his own business. In 2004, he founded Cornerstone Wealth Management, where he has more flexibility to provide personalized and client-centric service.