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Has Video Officially Killed The Radio Star? with Katie Braden (Ep. 57)

Has Video Officially Killed The Radio Star? with Katie Braden (Ep. 57)

In today’s digital age of Google & YouTube, financial advisors continue to face the daunting challenge of standing out among the crowd.

This episode of the Advisor Mentorship Podcast provides a treasure trove of insights to harness the power of video marketing to solve just that.

Jeremy Houser is joined by Founder of Advisor Video Marketing, Katie Braden, who explains how financial advisors can leverage video content to establish trust, showcase their knowledge, and engage with clients and prospects in a meaningful way. By sharing her personal experiences and success stories of those she’s mentored, Katie illustrates how overcoming common hurdles like imposter syndrome and low engagement can lead to significant growth and a robust online presence. Also, get a sneak peek into Katie’s 12-week workshop designed to equip advisors with the skills needed to produce captivating video content and exude confidence on camera.

Katie discusses:

  • Benefits and hurdles of implementing video marketing
  • Frequently asked questions from advisors about utilizing video marketing
  • Resources and tools that can help advisors start their video marketing journey
  • Katie Braden’s personal experiences
  • Strengthening client relationships
  • And more



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About Katie Braden:

Katie Braden, CFP® and Founder and Chief Video Officer of Advisor Video Marketing is bullish on the power of authentic video. She loves working with advisors to help them improve their virtual meeting setup, build confidence on camera and use video to grow their brand, attract more of their ideal clients and better communicate with existing clients. 

Katie is also a Private Pilot and loves the freedom of the skies, whether flying herself or traveling around the world with her husband, who is a professional pilot. She can otherwise be found at home in Las Vegas, NV with two adorable kittens, Pepper and Acorn.