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Houser Party of Four — Welcoming Baby Olivia (Ep. 23)

Houser Party of Four — Welcoming Baby Olivia (Ep. 23)

After a long-awaited 9 months, Jeremy Houser and his wife Christina are overjoyed to welcome their newborn, Olivia. 

In this episode, Jeremy talks about everything newborn and how his lifestyle has evolved since becoming the ‘Houser Family of Four.’ Jeremy talks about his career, the steps he is taking for his children, and how he has been able to navigate his business amid the arrival of his daughter. 

Jeremy discusses: 

  • Ways he and his family have adjusted their life and work balance 
  • How he has used the help of advisors he trusts to create a sound financial plan for his children
  • His 2022 motto for keeping his advisors motivated
  • Understanding the value of a single-income household
  • What’s his future business looking like 
  • And more!

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12. My Backbone For Success with Christina Houser

12. My Backbone For Success with Christina Houser

The true meaning of success is being able to share goals and achievements with someone you love.

In this episode, Jeremy Houser brings on his wife Christina Houser, to take a deep dive into their strong relationship, how they prioritize supporting each other for the success of their family and relationship and the sacrifices they have faced to maintain a strong and healthy family. Jeremy shares his true love and appreciation for Christina and everything she does for the success of their son and relationship. 

Jeremy and Christina discuss: 

  • Their beautiful love story and family beginnings 
  • Sacrifices and strategies of support that have prospered their family
  • The importance of setting personal and family goals for a successful marriage
  • What the future holds for the Houser’s
  • And more

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