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Simplicity Life — Life Insurance Made Simple & Easy with Nathan Jacobson (Ep.19)

Simplicity Life — Life Insurance Made Simple & Easy with Nathan Jacobson (Ep.19)

Often, misinformation leads to a missed opportunity for high returns. Thankfully, we have the knowledge you need to help your clients make an informed decision on their life insurance.

This week, the Executive Vice President at Simplicity Life, Nathan Jacobson, joins Jeremy Houser to explain how independent financial professionals can use the tools and resources Simplicity Life provides their advisors with best-in-class life insurance solutions. Whether it be protecting loved ones from an untimely death or as a tax diversification tool, Nathan highlights the array of benefits around life insurance. 

Plus, he unpacks some valuable wisdom words for financial advisors, like the importance of investing in your business and continuous education.

Jeremy and Nathan discuss: 

  • Ways Simplicity Life is now the largest independently-owned life brokerage in the country
  • The firm’s educational approach in offering their agents the highest level of knowledge to pass on to their clients
  • The power of life insurance as a financial vehicle
  • Ways advisors and prospects can benefit from Simplicity Life’s tax-free retirement platform 
  • Advice for financial advisors: The value of education and maintaining a digital presence
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

As the Executive Vice President of Simplicity Life, Nathan Jacobson takes his accomplished 18 years in the life insurance industry to the largest financial marketing organization, Simplicity Life. Nathan’s extensive knowledge in insurance distribution and sales management is poised to help him build new strategic alliances and industry best sales platform and proprietary insurance products for use across all of Simplicity Life.